रिहाइपछि रवि र निकिताको निकै गोप्य सम्बोधन, श्वेतापनि सामेल भइन !

Journalist Ravi Lamichhane has been rele..ased on bail of Rs 500,000 on Monday.The Chitwan District Court sought a bail of Rs 500,000 from Lamichhane who was arre…sted from the office of News24 Television on August 15 on charge of ab..et..ting su….icide of fellow journalist Shalik Ram Pudasaini. Journalist Yuvaraj Kandel who works with Lamichhane for the television channel has also been released after subm..itting the bail amount of Rs 300,000, while Ashmita Karki (Ruku) has been released on normal date.

The bench of district judge Hemanta Rawal has prohibited the trio from conducting any programs related to the sui…cide of Pudasaini, on the police investigating the case, public prose..cutors filing the case and the judges hea..ring the case, and even posting status on the social media in relation to that.It has also prohibited the three from leaving the country and said the court permission should be sought if they need to go abroad for treatment.

The court has ordered so after recording statements of the trio that started on Sunday, and conducting preliminary hea..ring after that.
The District Attorney Office, Chitwan had filed the case of abe…tting suic…ide against the trio on Sunday demanding a jail term of five years and a fine of Rs 50,000 each.Lamichhane has been arre..sted after a video of Pudasaini before he committed sui…cide became public. Pudasaini, who now works with Mountain Television, had committed suicide by hanging himself at a Chitwan-based hotel on Monday night

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