रविको बयान पछि खुसि हुदै अदालतबाट निस्के मह जोडी, बाहिर आएर रविको बरेमा यसो भने

Ayurveda Doctors Association of Nepal says no to merger
Ayurveda Doctors Association of Nepal has called on the federal government not to prepare the organizational structure without conducting the organization and management survey.It also demanded that the government not remove the ayurveda service programmes and also mot merge them.A meeting of the Karnali province had on Sunday decided to merge the District Hospital and the District Ayurveda Office.Association president Prof Dr Prakash Gyawali through a press release today protested the merger of ayurveda service with other services, saying this act has attacked the main spirit of the ayurveda itself.

“The act of merging ayurveda service with other services by various provinces in recent days without consulting the Department of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine, the Ayurveda Doctors Association and other stakeholders has further weakened the ayurveda service. The Association objects to this act,” the Association stated. Six hundred human resources including about 102 ayurveda doctors, ayurveda assistant health workers and paramedics are currently involved in providing ayurvedic treatment services in the 77 districts of the country. Adjustment process of employees under the health service is currently underway.

The Association has stated that it has also drawn the attention of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population, Upendra Yadav, Minister of State Dr Surendra Yadav and the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration as well on this issue.

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