सालिकराम पुडासैनीको अन्तिम भिडियो बल्ल हात पर्यो, यो भिडियोमा छोराछोरी नहुदाँको पनि पिडा पोख्दै रुदै गरेको दृश्य पनि देखियो

Journalist Salikram Pudasaini de..ath case has entered Legislature-Parliament.Speaking at the Sunday’s meeting of Parliament, lawmaker Maheshworraj Gahatraj condemned the ‘unnecessary hooliganism’ by the supporters of journalist Ravi Lamichhane.“I condemn unruly, illegal and unnecessary hooliganism by the supporters of journalist Lamichhane over the susp..icious de…ath of journalist Pudasaini,” he said.

Saying that the protest held demanding to release Lamichhane has rejected and viol..ated constitutional and legal processes to announce someone guilty following a police investigation, Gahatraj said that the activities were against security and good governance.Journalists Lamichhane is currently detention of Chitwan Police along with two others after being accused of abetting the alleged sui…cide by journalist Pudasaini.Lamichhane’s supporters have taken to streets demanding to release him arguing that he has been framed.

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