पत्रकार पुडासैनीका भाई चितवन पुगेर गर्जिए, खुल्यो यस्तो सत्य तथ्य हेर्नुहोस

CHITWAN: Journalist Rabi Lamichhane along with two others — who were taken under police custody yesterday in connection to the susp..icious de…ath of journalist Shalikram Pudasaini — will reportedly be presented before District Court, Chitwan today. Along with Lamichhane, police also arre…sted Yuvaraj Kandel and Asmita Karki. Lamichhane and Kandel were taken in custody from the office of News24 Television while Karki was arre…sted from Tilingtar, in Kathmandu.

Police brought Lamichhane, Kandel and Karki to District Police Office (DPO), Chitwan around 1:00 am on Friday, after which they underwent health check-up at Bharatpur Hospital. According to Information Officer at Chitwan DPO, Deputy Superi.ntendent of Police (DSP) Ek Narayan Koirala, the three will be presented before the District Court today for extension of general date to carry out investigation into the case. The exact time for the court appearance has not been made public yet.

Presently, a large crowd — including supporters of Lamichhane and by-standers — has gathered outside the DPO.Journalist Shalikram Pudasaini, assoc..iated with Mountain Television, was fou..nd han….ging in a local hotel in Chitwan district on August 6. A video footage recorded by Pudasaini on his mobile phone — which was made public by an online news portal — accuses Lamichhane, Kandel and Karki for his de..ath, which appe…ared to be a sui….cide. Pudasaini used to work for News24 Television channel with Lamichhane and Kandel before joining Mountain Television some two months back. He was associated with Mountain Television until his de…ath.

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